The Creationist

Thought I was so wide,

eyes open and taking you in,

horizon to horizon,

feeling your curvature.


From a high perspective,


delved every crevice in you,

temporarily immortalized,

as I ministered to you.

But as we approached our time;


and commiseration,

I saw a look in your eye

and my world shifted abruptly.


In that moment,

I realized

that what you did was for you.

Your life was your alone.

Your creations were not for me.


Long after I am gone,

you will abide and continue.

Long after my memory,

you’ll still be making more.


I took this lesson quickly,

no time to waste and I

took council with my shadow,

reflected on my passion.

I had ignored the line

“By their fruits you shall know them.”

I had indemnified

only my fragile ego.



you turned

my whole world upside down.

There was chaos,

and there was pain,

and blood,

and anger;

but I understood

that what your creation

is just for you.



Blessed is this passion,

is this life,

this understanding.

You are all

and ever making,

ever loving,

ever saving.


How could I have been

so blind

and conceited,

to think

you were doing all this

for me?


HG – 2019

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