The Astronaut’s Lament

Opening up,

digging down.

Revealing the skin,

and deeper still.


honestly curious,

spellbound by mystery.

Holding in each of us

pieces of our history.


What horrors lie beneath?

What lives beyond this skin?

What monster is concealed

behind these walls

we’re wearing thin?

With all this scratching

to get out,

while something’s trying to get in.

Sometimes the reason

we suppress our own desires,

is for our salvation.


Reaching out,

raising up.

Breaking through

and higher still.

Why must I

be confined

by all these lies

and small minds?


So, what if I defy

and reach out for the stars?

We’ve been okay so far.

On the other side

of all that empty black,

there’s something reaching back

and it will take any chance

to snatch us

into madness.


It’s been done before.

It’s why we disconnect

and stay safe on the shore.

There is danger

in living in a war.

Whether we fight,

or stay home

and lock the door.


Our walls are big enough,

but only for now.

So, open up

and reach high

at your peril.

I hope you’re prepared

for what you find.

There’s more out there

that we are blind to;

and if you seek,

it just might find you.


HG – 2019


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