The Drop

Without a nod to the danger,

eyes barely taking in the road,

hitting the ground

running faster

than we could sustain under load.

Arms and legs flailing akimbo,

no longer even touching ground.

Still travelling even faster,

obvious we’re falling, now.


We fell for the ascent.

Thought that it was us.

This is what the world

does to those who trust.

Those who hold a hand out,

those who show their heart.

Never knew the danger

that was there from the start.


Never thought to ask a question,

before we opened up our mouths.

Taking in

the expression,

thinking we’d figured it out.

Didn’t pause for a second

just to take a look around.

I don’t think I need to mention,

obvious we’re falling, now.


We fell for the ascent.

We bought into our minds.

Since we left the cradle,

we’ve been eating lies.

Out seat at the table,

we seem to surmise

is because we’ve been able

to see with our own eyes.


We have been deceived

and from what I can tell,

we’re riding in a dumpster

all the way to Hell.

And the dumpster is on fire,

guess it’s just as well,

‘cause I’m pretty sure

it’s full of snakes,

and best as I can tell,

I’ve been enjoying the ride.


So, here we go.

We all have to pay

to see the show.

I think I can see.

I think I understand

what they meant,

now that it’s obvious we’re falling;

we fell for the ascent.



HG – 2019

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