Night Ocean

There is no explanation for you,

other than I needed you.

In order to face myself,

I first had to face another.

Turn around that old, familiar reflection

and show me who I really am.

This creature you see before you

did not exist when you first got here.


you revealed to me your shadow

and I passed through it,

drawing strength from it.


When you were not my muse,

you were my rock,

softened my hard heart

and hardened my spirit.

Like a coal,

you lit my hidden fuse

and helped to set me

on a new,

uncharted course.


Here on the far outside,

I find you with me still;

sometimes barely hanging on,

but that’s okay,

so am I.


As we approach the fringes,

things only get harder.

I can be your rock, now.

I can be your muse.

You can come with me.

I think we

have come too far, now

to ever be apart.


Venture out

onto a still,

night ocean.

See the stars with me,

above and below.

Two skies.

Sky forever.

Black nothing

and infinite potential.

This is where we are.


on the edge of forever,

our hands find each other,

Still a perfect fit.


second star to the right,

and straight on

‘til morning.


HG – 2019

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