Welcome Home

How have you been?

I mean,

It’s been so long

since I left you here.

Taking into account

all these years,

you haven’t changed a bit.

I see you’re right where I left you.

clawing the ground,

tilling the soil.


I went away to forget you;


not you specifically,

but this place and everyone like you.

I thought one day

I’d return and

lord my success over you.

Show you how your

little ways were

insignificant and laughable.


But now I see

that I have made

a predicable mistake,


you’re not who I though you were.


This place stayed the same,

but someone went

and took their blinders off you.

I see you,


Try as I might

to wrestle with you,

you’re always a step ahead.


How did you do it?

I cannot comprehend.

I was supposed

to come back and gloat

and now I’m

lost instead.


Maybe I did

all of this

the wrong way.

Maybe I

viewed the world

with a jaundiced eye.


You’ve changed,

beyond what I could imagine,

in this place,

so far away

from anything that truly matters.

Has the whole world gone insane?

Or, is it





HG – 2019

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