Wash Inside Out

I’m coming clean

From here on out.

I’m scraping away

Sorrow and doubt.

I’m pushing myself

Until I’m inside out.

Not turning away,

I’m turning into something else.


Got sick and tired.

So slow

And staggering,

Lost is for those

Who have somewhere to be;

Somewhere to belong.

I am no one

From nowhere.

Born featureless,

Blank on exit.

I learned darkness,

Dirt and deception

From an early age

And rolled with it,

Until now.


I’m coming clean,

out here in the rain.

The dirt’s coming off

and so is the pain.

Soaking until,

I see skin again.

Clean and new,

but all the scars remain.




Getting it all off.

Getting it all out.



Can’t fix the seams from the outside.



for so long constipated.

So full of shit,

turn inside out

and deal with it.


Splash down clean.

Game dressed and ready

for the final song.


of an offering.

Scrubbed and skinned.

Gutted and clean,

inside and out.


HG – 2109


3 thoughts on “Wash Inside Out

  1. Often your prose reminds me of how I felt trying to get better as I realized I was sick as a young adult growing up with two alcoholic parents. This poem is the same. Trying to get clean washing all the ugliness and sorrow off. Love your stuff. Thank you.

    1. Everyone has a struggle and getting through it is constant work. Some days it is easier and some days it seems harder than we can possibly imagine, but the solution stays the same – keep going. I just try to keep going.

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