Vampires and Airplanes

Waking up from this


I created for myself.


persuaded by my own sense

of confusion,

doubt and worthlessness.

I thought there was more

than this,

but here we are.


Lost in the center.

finding my way out, now.

From the forest to the trees.

From the city to my house.

Four walls and a ceiling

that goes all the way

to Heaven,

or at least

the important constellations.


River beside me


Wind in the sky

is mentioning

I was something before this.

I wasn’t always hemmed in

by these

guilts and desires,

friends and enemies.


Are they really my friends?

Are they really against me,

or have I taken up positions

based on illusions?

You’re fighting your

own nightmares, too.

Punching a hole in the wall

could be a virtue,

if it makes a hole

for me to see you.


In between

my needs

and the nation,

my beliefs,

your ideas

and where we’re off to.

Only could be dreams

that weigh like feathers.

You were something before

all this, too.


How much of us are we

and what did we make

to survive our own

destructive muse?


like vampires

and airplanes.

One of these dreams came true.


Pushing down

these walls

one at a time,

so, I can lay down

and see the whole sky

and hear the wind speak,

carrying a million words,

seeing a million stars.


I was something before this.

We were something before this.

There’s got to be more than this.

I’m giving up on all this.

Say good-bye to


Open your eyes.

I’m opening mine,

In three…





HG – 2019


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