Unnerved with the speed

by which it comes to me.

Waiting so long

and for this time,

losing my mind in my anticipation.

A ball of nervous energy,

until I get complacent

and I give up on watching.


The moment I let my guard down,

you’re all over me.

Rising like a tide,

driven by the full moon,

and pushed by a hurricane.

You’re smothering

and at once exhilarating.

You take my reality and

crush it like it was empty

and ready for the trash pile.

A forsaken memory.


I am left like a little child,

lost in the dark,

in the rain.

But I see a light up ahead.

It’s warm and inviting.

It’s not the Sun,

or the Moon,

but no less mesmerizing.


Still floating away on

every cascade of my

Central Nervous System,

I make my way forward,

try to embrace the light.

You come

and take away

my flagrant guesses.

My introspection


and weaponized.



you and I

exist in our reflections,

the one in our minds

and then,

there’s the cold reality.

Thank you

for giving me


Thank you

for helping me see





HG – 2019

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