Touching every part of you,

every word from your lips.

Feeling every intent,

sinking in each emotion.

Before you depart this place,

let me do my best

to absorb you,

then I might chance to recreate,


or call you home.


When you go,

all that I’ll be left with

are memories.

I want to remember


Even though I’m flawed

and you’ve been disappointed,

let me capture you

in your essence.


My only fear

is that I’ll follow

and wherever we go

after we are here,

we will meet,

and it will mean nothing,

because I don’t know you.


So, let me drink you in,

each breath,

each word,

each moment.

The way you pause

between some words

in reflection.

Your fear,

your tears

and our confusion.

I want to know

who you are

through and through,

so, I’ll always know it’s you.


HG – 2019


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