Toxic Angel

Love took a reaching arm,

tore it off at the joint.

So far from all that harms,

love never disappoints.

Love is a waking hour

into the dead of night,

waiting here to devour,

always a title fight.


We go on this way,

dancing just like pugilists.

Bobbing, weaving

and the occasional embrace.

Taking each other apart

piece by piece

and when our opponent drops;

the guilt sets in.


Love is a drug,

it’s true.

We all know for sure.

love will look after you,

if you can handle it pure.

It’s going to get in your veins

and It’s gonna slow you down.

you’ll stop fighting the waves

and smile as you drown.


This is just the way,

the old story goes.

There are bodies laying down

beside the road.

Those who gave in

and succumbed

to something that felt so good

and made them numb;

and they knew they were dying.


Love is a toxic angel,

Heaven sent.

If you think you disagree;

fight me.



HG – 2019

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