The Exchange

Taking away a part of me,

it’s the only way to go,

if you’re going to get there,

a little down the road.

I’m not who I once was,

or who I’m going to be.

Take a little piece away

and I’m still closer to complete.


One thing I can’t seem to shake

about this strange journey,

is I have a piece of you

and you have a piece of me,

but somehow that just makes us

more complete than we were

before we met for this exchange.

It’s like we’re made of each other.



take a piece

and complete

this endless puzzle


what you will leave.

Do we even notice,

or know just what we are

bringing to the table?

What if we’re diseased?

Are we contagious?


So many parts of me

that I don’t need.

Maybe one of these

will complete you?

Take my hand

for a moment,

when you let go

I’ll continue.

I’ll meet more like you

and we too

will trade ourselves

for each other.


Soon we will all be

a collection

of everyone we’ve met,

even those we forget,

or those who leave us.

It’s almost as if we need

someone to complete us.

So many parts of me,

that are not me,

but are the most I cherish.



HG – 2019

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