Face to Face

I couldn’t find the words

to tell you what I needed,

what I needed to say,

what you needed to hear,

or whatever.

I looked inside for verbs,

and adjectives,

and turns of phrase

that might help me,

but all these words were empty,

flat and hollow.


I searched the sky for inspiration,

through nights,

eyes lingering on every star,

wishing that those far off,

burning lights

would catalyze some reaction.


I waited by the water,

and for days

the tide came in

and went out again.

With each and every foamy breaker,

I thought I could see a bottle

with a message,

but the sea gave up no words.


I sat in silence

and focused on breathing,

on techniques for peace

for tranquil energy.

Falling into myself

and rising out of my body;

there are no words there,

only feelings,


and at the end,

nothing at all.


I suppose

that if you are to hear me,

I will have to stop looking

at the sky,

to the sea

and to myself.

Sit with you

and open up my mouth

and let my lips lead

and my tongue feel out the words

as they are forming.

That way we’ll both know

only the truth of me

and let the sea

and they sky

tell their own story.



HG – 2019

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