Building a Time Machine

Rather than linger


upon the edge

of today,

I cast my thoughts about,

 my gaze

scans the horizon,

three hundred and sixty degrees.

Up and down,

in and out and

I find there’s nowhere

I would rather be

then right here,

right now,

in this precious moment.


I gave my dystopian past

one final look

before I sink into this instant.

I am

slowly orienting myself,

preparing for the coming journey

in a vehicle called “Now”.

I am setting out

into the clouds

of an unknown


and beyond.

Hang on…

… here…




I guess this is the thing

about already having

failed at life so many times.

No attachment to times,

no “Good old days”,

or paths to follow.

I know where

the bottom is.

I have seen the abyss,

leaned in hard for a kiss

and have the scars to prove it.

I know what resides

up high.

I’ll get to face that in time,

but for now, I’ll live my life

in this moment,

setting course for whatever comes,

but always present.


Try to be patient.

Live in this instant.

This precious moment

is a vehicle.


HG – 2019

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