just enough of this


to trick you,

draw you in,

but we both know

that this game

is getting thin.

Every time I

slip on this skin,

I tear

a little more

at the edges.


I’m afraid

I’ve strayed too far

and strained your heart.

We’re fraying at the seams

and it seems


we both know

damn well

what’s underneath.



I guess it’s just as well

that we gave up,

now we have cut our teeth.

We have learned

it only hurts

to worry ourselves dumb

over these things.


Maybe it’s time

we stood naked,

me in front of you,

you in front of me.

I’m sure we’ll both be


but at least

we’ll both know

what ‘s beneath.


Our illusions.

Our transgressions.

Our addictions.

Our expressions.

Our neurosis.

Our confusion.

Our obfuscations.

Our desires,

and all our dreams.


I think I’ll slip into


a little less comfortable,

a little more honest.

You should, too.


HG – 2019


One thought on “Nudes

  1. Beautiful, simply beautiful. We all hide behind our skin, clothes, protective measures, and ways of protecting ourselves from ourselves really. When we give way to honesty, our nakedness and all our flaws as humans and someone still loves us, well that is truly love. Thank you for this today. I love the way your work challenges us. Touché

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