Dream big.

Dream so fucking big that the idea is unstoppable.

Be a magnum force.

Be untameable.


Never let the world tell you

who you are,

or what you can become.


you’re going to have your own ideas

and you’ll doubt them

because all of our ideas are doubtful

and we are skeptical by nature.

But you will grow into your high mindedness.

You will fill  your fantasies

and give flesh to skeletons

hewn out of the bedrock of your being.


Never betray yourself,

for the world will always betray you.

This is a place of lies,

false promises,

and convincing illusions.


will always be there,

if you seek it,

but to seek is one thing;

to know it when you find it,

is quite another.


Dream big

and fill your life

with fulfilling them.

Work hard,

and never rest on comfort.

Be wise,

in the way of one who has made mistakes

and learned from them,

instead of being destroyed by them.


Dream big.




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