Right Side of The Dirt

Waking in a cold sweat,

naked in the dark.

Confusion bends the light

from the crack in the door.

As my senses find me,

I clutch my skin to my body.

I am cold and it’s relentless,

this seductive consciousness.

There is a day beyond this darkness,

hot and cold,

I’m running anxious.

Protect what is found most precious,

connect me to my forgiveness.

Unfold before me like a

compliant lover hold me

close and never let go,

I don’t want to go.

Feet touch the floor.

Hand on the door.

Let the light in,

just a little more.

I betray my

comforts for this,

step past the threshold

into the amorphous


This day could be anything.


HG – 2019

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