Density Wave

Spinning around,

caught up in those

spiral arms.

Orphan galaxy,

orphan eyes

looking out

into the dark,

watching the lights pass by.


Out on the edge

things get a little clearer,

the space is quieter,

although it’s infinitely more dangerous.

It turns out you’re moving slower

out of the edge,

than in the middle,

or at least it feels that way.


I’m feeling out

another blind hallway.

I’m looking for a door,

fearing the sharp decline.

Holding onto the walls,

hearing only the sounds of my breathing.

I’m not panicking.


Hope is easy,

but it won’t get you

out on the edge,

or through the darkness.

Only your feet go forward.

Only your hands can feel.


You’ve got to be a little braver.

You’ve got to know there’s something more

beyond this darkness.

Faith might give you hope,

but it’s up to you to get there,

and it’s always

one step at a time.


I hope

I see you out on the spiral,

at the edge of this galaxy.

I’ll be here,

out in the dark,

watching the lights go by.



HG – 2019

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