She stands here,




and the wind blows,

and time passes by.

Not so much afraid

as cautious,

because when you look like prey,

you attract predators.


She has worked on her camouflage,

her clothes,

her hair,

could pass as anybody,


A statue,

perfectly preserved.

A person still,

who knows

the killers in this world

will key to movement.


She is not weak,

she is not scared,

just untested.

She’s watched so many

of her friends and family

fall around her.

She is right in every way

to be cautious,

but this world

is won by winning

and she’s not sure

she wants to avoid it



Take the world

head on.

Walk through this

with confidence

and not trepidation.

She knows what she needs

is a weapon.

One would do,

but many would be better.


Mind and body,

hands and eyes;

just find the training.

Perfect camouflage

and new proficiency

go far

to making a person whole.

She moves, now.



HG – 2019

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