Bath Time

Wash me.

Wash me clean.

Bathe me in the crystal waters

from the Holy Mountain.

Let the dirt

and scum of years

slough off of me

like a dead skin.

Let me be renewed

and purified

by this baptism.


Clean me,

absolve me.

Bathe me in tears.

So many tears,

shed for such misery.

For those taken too soon,

for those lost in war,

for those who never were;

so many tears.

Immerse me,

make me one with their pain,

that they might feel it less.

Drown me in tears.


Cleanse me,

in the blood of The Lamb.

My first fruits,

my first love,

my first kill.

Let that which can erase

my sins and myself,

drip down upon me

from a rough-hewn cross,

then run

in a torrent

upon me

and through me.

Changing me,

from a man,

to an immortal.


Wash me,

clean me,

cleanse me,

bathe me.

Rejuvenate my soul,

that I may take on more.

Make me one

with the water,

and the land,

and the blood.

That I may know You;

not as I am,

but as I could be.



HG – 2019

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