There is no hack,

no trick,

no slight of hand,

no app,

no shortcut,

no easy way,

no bit of knowledge

that will make it come;

just time,

and effort,

and you.


There is a sky above,

there is an Earth below,

and a billion stars,

but no one knows

what happens when

the cold wind blows

and time takes your soul

to the next big show.


We all suffer

more than we should,

but maybe it’s only

as much as we deserve

and maybe it’s more

and maybe it’s less,

but our distress,

can’t avoid the consequence

of one day at a time.

One more line.

One more cross.

One more lie.

It’s as complicated

as we can simplify;

one day at a time.


We’re all in this alone,


We’re all trying to stay up,

but we’re all carrying

so much around,

it’s a wonder any of us

ever get their feet

off of the ground.


We have to do the work;

that’s how the deal’s done.

There’s enough work here,

for everyone.

Lend a hand

and learn when

to ask for one.

The only help we’re gonna get here

is us;

so we better get started.
















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