The story of who I am.

And I am nothing.

Just another circumstance.

A trial of conscience?

A problem?

Yes, I am.

Rooted in all things

too dark to understand.



myself to find a plan.


like uranium.

I was something

destructive before,

now I am becoming

something much more.


I never realized it.

From the cover

of my shelter,


I can see it.

All the eyes

cast to the sky

come to deny it.

That shining light they worship

is an oncoming asteroid.


So much for dissuasion.

Who would have thought

that I

would be persuading


to put down the knife

and quit your wailing.

The quiet of the night

is all we have

to comfort us

before we destruct.


I hold out my hands.

Arms as wide as I can.

Nothing what I was,

I am.

So that you could see,

that before we believed

we were the setting sun.


We’re all gone,

and that’s okay.

Take it all in.

Make your potential infinite

and look again.

You’ll see that we’re


Becoming explosive.



HG – 2019

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