Absolved in Absence

I’m begging for forgiveness

from my past and future.

I cannot seem to let go,

I cannot seem to hold on.

Swinging from the rafters,

a pendulum judges all of me

by degrees,

counting out my transgressions,

then descending

a hair’s breadth

with every swing.


What kind of a madman,

would take this life for himself?

No question of insanity,

there is variation,

but it’s within the spectrum.

Why would there not be a door

in the wall?

Why not a window?

Every entrapment,

is just an escape

waiting for discovery.


Maybe I’ll be truant

from my own execution.

I could just walk away,

couldn’t I?

If I let go,

walk out the door,

out into forever,

I’d be a free man.

That would be nice.


It doesn’t matter

if it’s daylight,

or night time.

I’m hanging on to

that dirty, old thing;

but I don’t want to

no more.

Open my hand,

let it fall

to the ground.

Turn and walk away

and never look back.



is also something

we have to accept,

so the past,

can be the past,

and the future onward.



HG – 2019

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