White Water

What are the words

and what do they describe?




What is the point of this

exercise in wanting,

in sharing

who I am now?


Is this a Genesis,

or am I seeking


Is this the start,

or is this the end?

Another question

I can’t hold

the answer to,

or at least not for very long.


Long on questions,

short on answers,

and inspiration only

takes you far enough

to get you lost out here,

in the morning,

in a strange neighborhood.


No different

that any other day;

stumbling through

another stanza here,

another line,

another metaphor.

Hope this one’s not a failure

too late,

I’m moving on

to another manic episode.


If I find an answer,

I’ll lose it by the time

I sit down to write again,

unless it’s something prolific.

A Revelation;

then I guess this is the end.

Am I even making sense?

Do I have to?


Stream of consciousness,

entering the rapids, now.

Hold on,

I think it smoothes out up ahead.

No need to fear.

Everyone has questions

and answers are so rare.

Just keep going.

That’s what I tell myself.






HG – 2019

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