Listen to the words

that you are hearing,

coming from the inside,

coming from somewhere

deeper than

all of your shame

and hesitation.

It’s not anxiety,

it’s not paranoia;

it’s you,

telling you

what you need to hear.


not what you want to hear.

It’s the truth,


whole and pertinent.


You are you

and only you

know everything you did,

everything you’ve done,

every path you’ve run

and also,

everything you need to do.

So sit quiet

and tune into

that old indistinguishable

voice in your head,

in your heart,

or wherever it is you linger.


You’re a grown-up, now.

You don’t have to

listen to anyone,

but ignore

your inner voice

at your own peril.

It’s telling you

what you need,

what you don’t,

what your life

is missing.

Who you are,

where to go,

or what to abandon altogether.


Just listen;

put down your phone

and sit in silence

and breathe

until all you hear

are the sounds of yourself living.


will tell you

what you need to know.

Just listen.



HG – 2019

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