I acquiesced

and came up to your palace.

It was derelict,

destroyed as if by war.

The vain repairs

were done with unskilled labour,

the decorations


and out of synch.


You asked me

and I stood there naked.

Not for your eyes,


but for your laugh.

Rejected from every type of your


my supplication

only decreased me in your eyes.

Why am I not surprised?


I have been gone

and for good reason.

I thought

that I could mend

and thus repair,

but some faults

run deeper that others

and I am well beyond

my skill set here.


When I left

there were no hard words

between us,

fact is,

it seemed like I

was never there.

I took with me

my shame

and humiliation,

in place

of all the time

we used to share,

but that’s my stone to bear.


I know you’re not alone,

but you’re lonely,

and your life,

a shocking state

of disrepair.

if you ever seek

to look up

from your vices,

I won’t be there.

I disappeared

into thin air.



HG – 2019

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