The Dragon War

Give way,

to the Dragon

that blocks the Sun

and darkens the sky

and stalks the road

by noonday.


Cling tightly

to all you have ever clung to,

your hearts,

your loves,

your words,

for only they

will give you comfort

when The Horseman rides.


He calls all men

to rally on the shores

of Paradise.

To be ready,

to fight,

to lay down their lives

for the cause

of one more day.


The time is upon us.

Weak we were,

but strong we will become.

Deceived we were,

but the truth,

shall set us free.

Slaves we were,

shackled by our hands

to the wireless guilt machine.

It changed our minds

and our hearts soon followed.


We paid heed,

to the Joker,

to the Murderer

to the Pyromaniac.

We gave deference

to the Rapist,

the Sadist,

to the Warlord.


we begged for the Dragon,

deceived as we were

that we deserved his wrath

and his fire would be justice.


Minds changed quickly

to wide-eyed panic

as the flames licked our skin.

Immediate regret,

but too late;

now we are in the war,

and the sky burns.


We eat it,

breathe it,

live it.

The horrors we unleashed,

thinking we were doing good,

thinking we were tipping the scales

back to balance;

are real.


The Dragon stalks the Earth,

looking for whom

he might devour.

We summoned him

in our arrogance

and now,

we pay with our lives.



HG – 2019

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