In joy,

be abundant,

as open as the sky.

There will always be

another sacrifice.

Let your heart run wild,

while the day allows.


You were taught young

and given instruments.

Talented in your ways

to reach up

into the splendid cosmos

and pull down

whole symphonies

of sounds and images.


I know that the world

will test you,

but your tests for yourself

should be harder.

Singing to welcome

the change,

the turning of the page.

Serenade the coming night.


There are no dilemmas,

only choices.


as the stars allow.

Everything in conscious

assertion and waiting;

be as patient as you can

as the song is playing.


I know you see form

in the shapeless,

home in the undiscovered.

Everything in your gaze

is yours

to be manipulated,

to be treasured;


as the time allows.


HG – 2019


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