In Atrophy


is grinding me

down and away.

Tiny little pieces,

falling through the cracks

and disappearing.


I was whole.

A Human being;

now I’m becoming.



is burning me,

eating me away,

consuming all my limbs

and extra little pieces.

I am ashes, now.

One good breeze

and I’ll be blown away.

I was a Human being,

now I’m becoming



I tried to hide

from life’s designs.

I ran and hid.

I screamed and cried.

I turned my eyes

up to the sky

and prayed

to be saved

from all my trials.


Then came the stones,

then came the flame;


is an early grave.

The resurrected,

must first die.

The reborn,

first meet their demise.


This is killing me,

one day at a time,

but I’ve never felt alive

like I am now.


of every minute,

every breath and moment

that comes to me.


I used to be

a human being;

now, I am becoming nothing.


has ever been

more beautiful.


HG – 2019


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