I have been listening,

but I haven’t heard you speak.

I haven’t heard you call my name,

or say the words

that would summon me

into your world.


I remember your promise;

that you would never leave me,

never long forget me.

In this place,

in between

past and present.



I have watched you,

like an unseen shadow trailing,

waiting for your lips

to shape my name

and bring me back.


Into your mind,

into your arms,

your body,

but I am absent from you.

Like a lost key,

or a forgotten password,

my being escapes your tongue,

like darkness flees the light.


Am I

so insignificant?

So ineffectual?

Am I just

a memory,

buried by time?


You know you could bring me back,

but your have never deigned to

even spare a thought,

a word,

a syllable for me.


becomes a Hell

deeper than fire.


I wait,

as only an eternal lover can,

for you to draw me

out of my obscurity.

I know you will.


how this is Faith

and Obsession

at the same time.


Ghosts linger

in the places

their hearts are kept.


HG – 2019


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