costs everything.

I hear you say

that there’s no reason to

even go on.

All of these

little things

find their way into

the endless whole.


I am


a way for me,

a way for you,

but it’s not easy.

I’m prone to losing


my mind,

and you,

in the eternal struggle.


Laughter used to expose

all of our insides

to Sun and curatives,

no longer reciprocated.

I’m on a merry-go-round.

You’re on the sidelines.

I’m reaching out to you,

but I keep going by…



This thing is endless.


Holding on

to you

has been one of the



to do.

I’m a second away

from letting go

and failing

at everything,


and over,

and over

and over again.


My hands go numb

from the grip

and I’m much stronger

than you are.

It doesn’t even make sense

that you

have held on so long;

your faith must be endless.

Your strength must be endless.

Your love must be endless.


So we’re in this cycle;


to straighten out.

A circle’s just a line,

chasing itself.

If we can unwind

and figure

this out,

we could go anywhere

we could imagine.

We could be endless.


HG – 2019


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