The seagulls have returned

and soon the sea will follow.

No time for past regrets,

just hope you have

some semblance of a plan.

If your life,

is ramshackle,


and looked askance,

then I

am not the one

you will look to

for comfort;

I am the harbinger.


What if you had

only days,

only hours,

only minutes,

to try to save your skin?

Let m tell you this;

if you’ve spent your life

wasting days,



then you don’t stand a chance,

I’m afraid.


Is that star getting brighter?

Did I just feel a drop of rain?

Is that a lump,

or just some swelling?

Does all this look

like Death again?


You know it,

and I know it’s in you.

Survival instinct in your brain.

I’m here now to sit and tell you;

you don’t even have today.

All you have is this moment.


The clock is ticking,

the end,

it comes.

Got to make a change.

Make it hard

and make it worth it.

Got to start today.

Before you can see the ocean,

glorious tidal wave,

coming for us,

it’s all over.

I hope you’ve done something.

To make this worth it.

To make this better.

This is the moment,

while we’re together;

try just for today.



HG – 2019

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