Light Transmission

What is it

that has got you now?

You used to be

such a wild supplicant.

But now you’re gone

from that place;

set off on some grand escape.


Did adventure call your name,

or did destiny unlock the gate?

You used to say,

that it didn’t matter,

as long as you were happy.



became the name

of your ascribed religion.

Then you changed

and I thought

it was because you had found

what you needed,

when in fact,

you found what you needed

wasn’t there.


Maybe that’s the landscape

that you now drink in

through slate-grey eyes.

The trammel and travail

birthed far more poignant things

than happiness ever could.


You reduced yourself,

gave up that ego,

so wherever you are,

I bet you’re shining, now.

A light,

rather than a flower.


HG – 2019


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