Back To Normal

I don’t think

we know the way

back to Normal.

I’ve been told

to keep my eyes ahead

and that the strange,

the unusual,

and the unfathomable,

lurking over each

of dawn’s new horizons

will one day be “Normal”.


I’d be lying

if I said

that this comforts me.

I wish for the love

and the care of the known.

The mother’s smile,

lover’s embrace,

a safe circle of friends;

are these not things

worth going back to?


There it is.

The problem in the mind.

We think that life

is static in our absence,

but life goes on.

Only the dead are motionless,

so, going back

is not an option for them either.


I wake,

shower and dress.

Exercise most mornings

and some evenings.

Try not to fade

under the gaze of consequence

and challenge.


When I look back,

all I see is a void,

but beside me,

my wife,

my love,

my everything.

To my other side,

good friends

who fear no war.

Above me,

my God in His Heaven.


So, I can step

into the new unknown again.

There won’t be any

“Getting back to normal.”

There is nothing left for us

that way.


HG – 2019


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