Have a little respect,

for the blood,

for the struggle,

for the next.

Falling down into

the place that we all



Have a little humility.

It’s the least you can do.

So many came

and left before you

showed up with all your


You’ve got to be kidding me.


Is this what passes for wit?

This is how we should exist?

I don’t think I’m built for this,

world where no one gives a shit.

So, this is it.


Have a little mercy

on me,

on everyone.

There’s more than what you see

going on.

You’re not immune to



Change your way,

change your mind,

one revelation at a time.

Shut your mouth,

drink it in,

through your eyes

and through your skin.


Just be

a good person.

Do what you’re supposed

to do.

Finding out

what that is

isn’t easy.

The whole world’s

hanging on you.


Have a little respect

for yourself

and the whole world




HG – 2019

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