Bad Human

I tried

to set it all right,

but I could not repair,

the lies,

the crimes,

the violence;

could not pretend to care.

I’m not a lost cause,

but I’m half way there.

Not sure I recognize

what I see in the mirror.


You’re a creature of habit,

darkest of appetites,

but I fear you most

when you walk in the light.

You exude shame and malice,

You bring me guilt and war.

There’s never been another

that I’ve wanted more.


I see you inside me,

then I deny you exist,

but you’ve got me in

the palm of your hand;

laughing as you close your fist.

Such is bliss.




using my virtue

to cover for you.

All over my body

Tattoos of your acrimony.


My words,

poisoned by meaning,

I’ve given up believing

in the things that keep me breathing,

so much for feeling.


I grew it all in

my own corrupted mind

and loved it

and nurtured it

because it was mine.

Rage, hate and jealousy

of my own kind.

A short trip,

a slip;

over the line.


Top of the food chain,

to the menu,

in record time.

So far down

and still falling,

might as well

enjoy the ride.


HG – 2019

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