Pick it up.

Start again.

Life is a living lesson.


See those clouds on the horizon?

They’ll bring rain by evening.

So, we’ll toil in the sun

to ready the garden.


It’s gonna be hard;

real hard,

but we accept this station.


Let me ask you;

Do you think

this life will go as even,

planned as we hope,

season by season?


Do you think

this worth

was easy to coax

from the hard earth?


Do you think

that life and time

did not seek

to thwart my hand

at every turn?


Even with you;

I have tried

and I have failed.

And you have watched me

in my defeat

and failure.


I found a way.

Every day.

Every time.

I woke in the morning,


and set to work again.


I have tried

to win good life

from an unforgiving world,

for you,

in case you wondered why.


Every trial

that ended in failure

was just a test,

a rehearsal for victory.


I can get this wrong

and fail

one thousand times,

but with you,

I only need to succeed




HG – 2019

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