We were bones

given flesh,

stretched with skin,

lit within,

so we could dance

to the music

of the dying universe.


We met,

two by two,

an apocalypse

exclusive retinue.

We tripped the light,

we stepped on stars

between the buildings

and the cars.


Back in the day,

before our bones,

as we will be

after it snows,

in mid-July,

from a clear, blue sky

the end of days,

our lullaby.


We’ll say good-bye

to bones and skin

and dance between

the dimensions.

The song goes on

each movement spun,

each note and measure

from beyond.


We were never

long for this venue.

We were dressed up

for the review.

The band will play,

we will dance on,

long after these façades are gone.



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