I’m not broken anymore.

No more fear,

the endless horizon is in view.

No more cracks in the façade,

I’m clear all the way, now.

There used to be days

when I couldn’t rise,

couldn’t start the day.

Holding that old pain,

weighs a man down,

like swimming in chains.


I opened up my eyes,

opened up my mind

and saw a world

I didn’t recognize.

The sky still blue

and the grass so green,

but it was me that changed.


It wasn’t the world,

only my place in it.


but so strange.

But I’m okay.

Yeah, I think I’m gonna be okay.


I’m not broken anymore.

I’m not straining

to keep it all together.

I’m not killing myself,

trying to make it look

like I’m not over here

losing my mind

half the time.



I’m better than I’ve ever been.

Dropped the false faces

and courteous nods,

for an honest handshake

and “Hello”.

I’m meeting this life,

for the first time, again

and that’s okay.


I’m not broken anymore.

I don’t need tape,

or string,

or drugs,

or booze,

or you

to hold me together.

I’m not broken anymore.

I’ve been shattered.



HG – 2019

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