Contemplations On Service and Sacrifice – Easter 2014

Hokus Grey

Contemplations on Service and Sacrifice – Easter 2014

It seems I have found myself contemplating some rather timely themes and ideas. Recent events, coinciding with the Easter holiday have found me meditating on thoughts of service and to a greater extent, sacrifice. I would assume that we all think that we understand these ideas. Service – being to render ones services, or to give aid, or help to another. Sacrifice – giving of ones self for another’s benefit, especially at great personal cost. I’m sure in most of our lives we feel that we have done these things, though I doubt that many of us feel that we live our lives embodying their true spirit. When I think about those who have sacrificed and served for me, it begins to bring the essence of these ideas home. The number of people who have given up time, effort and emotion for…

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