Self-Destruction Man

I grew up to play

dangerous games

in a dangerous way.

Never mind the line,

I had my own mind,

didn’t care what they’d say.

I shook my head

when someone offered their hand.

They didn’t understand;

I was the Self-Destruction Man.


Crossed every line,

hit every bar,

knocked every ball

out of the park.

Found every hole,

drank every drop,

the band of demons

never stops.

Hell on Earth,

Heaven on fire,

I took it all,

every desire.

As if it was all

part of God’s plan

for me to be

the Self-Destruction Man.


I grew up again,

I gave up my dangerous ways.

Stood outside for days

watching the weather change.

I got clean

in a morning rain,

climbed up high,

never fell again,

but I am still so damn afraid,

because I know

how Hell can taste.


One wrong step

either way

and I’m back down

in my grave.

Jesus died,

so He can save,

that much I appreciate.

Come this far,

but understand,

I am still

the Self-Destruction Man.



HG – 2019

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