The Whole of Everything

I have missed

looking up,

looking out,

reaching in,

and encompassing

all the sky

with my hands.

Embracing the universe

and holding it close.


Not sure

if I think

I’m going to be able

to guard it,

protect it,

nurture it.

Maybe just hold it,

and comfort it.

I know we’ve shared

in the pain


from everyone,



I am just so small,

so why do my eyes

see so far?

Way out in the endless void,

taking in every star?


Why does my mind wander there?

Why does my heart yearn so?

To bring what good we have here

out into the vast cosmos.


The only thing that keeps me here,

is what we do not know.

Have to solve some problems first,

then maybe we can go.


Until then,

I’ll stay here

and keep giving

love to the universe.

Embracing the sky

from horizon to bright horizon.


For just a moment,

I feel at home

in this strange infinity,

then I return,

flesh and bone

and work

in tragic consequence.


But I know,

I have loved

the whole of everything.

Just for a second,

once in this life.



HG – 2019

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