The Foot of The Mountain

They say

there is a struggle.

They say

there is a mountain.

They say

there is a dragon

and a long, empty field

of the dead.


We set off in search of

some kind of meaning,

some kind of word.


fell for illusions.

Others fell sick

and didn’t make it,

even as far as the edge

of what we knew.


So far,

I have been lost,

I have had battles,

but I have not even

made it to

the foot of the mountain.


All the knowledge

and understanding

that I have gleaned thus far,

has been from hardship,

and so many failures.

Fighting some of the

same battles,

over and over again.

The enemy seems



Now we,

the precious few

that still remain,

are at the foot

of the mountain.

Looking up,

it is easy to imagine

that there is a dragon

up there somewhere.


Some will tire,

some will fall,

some will fail to go on,

but I,

I am going up,

even if I go alone.

I might never come down,

and if I do,

I will be different,

so this,

this is for real.


Check my sword

and my gear

and then set off;

one foot in front of the other.

I am surprised

that anyone comes with me,

but like me;

they too,

have a dragon to kill.



HG – 2019

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