A Mortal Sunrise


my transgressions,

in the wait

for the morning hours.

The sentence is


the burden



Tomorrow is

today now,

and I have bargained

all I can.

Even the Devil

has no temptations

left for me.


This old stone

has seen the sunrise

for ten thousand years,

or so,

but I’ll be gone

with this next breaking,

and all the blood,

and all the pain

go with me.


I have been the shadow

for so long,

that I forget

what it is to behold

the hand of God,

that banishes the darkness,

drives fear away,

and kindles fires of hope.



as the first light

takes my skin,

in the moments before

my eyes are set aflame;

I too,

will find the absolution

of the morning,

the promise of the day.


At least,

the world will have

one less dark thing

to haunt it.


HG – 2019

2 thoughts on “A Mortal Sunrise

  1. Beautiful comparison of our light verses our darker days. Life can be hard but I am so grateful to God who brings forth the next day and who is with us during the rough times. Thank you as always

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