Embracing you,

my vision.

Not what you once were,

so clear,

now obscured by time,

twisted and fractured

by desire.


Rage and helplessness

inspired my


when my heart was gone.

When is it

far too late

for apologies?




Any time is too much.

Don’t give up,

but don’t give in to my

rational mind,

my emotional appeals.

I can’t even tell

what is real.


The day is dark

and my skin grows cold.

The Sun will come soon

and you will break through,

or, so I’m told.



Come into the light.

Let me hold you

this one more time.

Every moment could be the end,

so before I go

I give you all I can.


Wishing it were more,

but my eyes,

they are not what they were.

Let me love you,

while I can still see you.

The only clarity

I’ve ever known.



HG – 2019

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