She tells me through tears

that it’s gonna be okay.

It’s all coming down,

where does she find the strength?

I’m over here

losing my goddamned mind.

She’s over there

taking it all in stride.


I guess,

she was the right one.

I guess,

I’ll never know it, now.

Couldn’t leave well enough alone.

Now she’s on an airplane,

but I’m gone.


This was only yesterday.

This could have been forever.

This could have been the simple one.

This could have been Heaven,

but now with what I’ve done,

this is just a wasteland

that I’ve caused.

She’s the one that’s leaving,

but I’m gone.


There are no more smiles to see,

and no more lies to tell.

It was so easy

to turn a good life into Hell.

I did all the wrong,

I’m the one who fell.

She’s saying we’ll be fine,

but I’m all by myself.


Now I’m gone,

but I’m the one that stayed.

I’m lost,

watching her walk away.

How long

can I survive this way?

I’m wrong,

if I could do it all again,

I’d stay,

but I’m gone.



HG – 2019

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