The Biped

Moving around

this environment,

through each dimension,

limbs move effortlessly.

Face turns skyward

as the Sun tumbles,

East to West,

North to South.

Taking a step

and then another.

One extreme

to itself.


Wandering in and out of


self aware,

more so than other animals.

Still estranged,

by strange desires;

the want and will to know.


What is behind the sky?

What is beneath the Earth?

What is it we do now?

What if the clouds come down?


So many reasons

to shrink away from life.

Standing here on two feet,

never quite satisfied.

Moving on,

through the old,

the new

and the unfathomable.


One foot,

in front of the other,

make a timeline,

make a lifetime,

worthy as any other.

There is only

one crime;

bury your head,

don’t move your feet.

you’re a victim,

so, the species

keeps shuffling,


and marching on

in their sleep.


Who would have thought

that this would be reality?

One step from a fantasy.

Misstep into tragedy.

Amazing we

are still moving

at all.

Moving around

on our own two feet.



HG – 2019


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