Lights in The Sky

I don’t want to fight tonight.

I don’t want to seize the day.

Think that I can like what’s right,

I just want to be okay.


Under an empty sky,

I can feel it hold me down.

Used to pay to fade away.

Everything is different, now.


I know,

I’m not what I was,

but what I am

eludes me.

Seems I

was born to fight,

but I’ve never liked

the duty.


What must be done,

must be done,

and I will do it,

every day,

but I tell

the lights in the sky,

that I just want to be okay.


I don’t mind the dark to start.

I don’t mind being alone.

Here I’m speaking heart to heart,

in the only way I know.


Praying to what came before,

never waiting for replies.

Hoping there is something more

than another long good-bye.


Do you move

the way that you want to?

Do you see

all that you are?

Questions I throw up to the stars

come back to me,


if not what I deserve, so far.


Watching you

way up there,

moving through your own way.

I can’t see,

I can’t speak anyway.

I just want to be okay.


under an empty sky;

I just want to be okay.


HG – 2019


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