Holes in The Pattern

Where are you,

in this long, winding tunnel?

I thought I spotted you

in the crowd.

Then I see you

and I am off again,

through the passageways,

through the crowds.


All this is a race

to get somewhere,


Didn’t know that I could get

there from here.

Another place,

a long-gone face,


my longing for an exit.


Through this

most unexpected


you open up

secret ways

and I,

always eager for escape

step through.




within structures;

even the sky

seems lit by lights,


like a lie in a daydream,

but beautiful,

in its plastic,

alien way.


A beggar’s trail,

through nowhere, now.


draws me in,

but even that

which is the same

is different here.



in some still lucid

corner of me,

I am wondering

who you really are

and why you brought me here?

To this place,

this other world

of 3D printed daydreams.


Where am I?

What is this place?

Who are you?


HG – 2019


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