The Bargain of a Lifetime

The world will change

and so will

our perception of it.

Today is only today,

as of this moment.

What cosmic forces

must be at play

to somehow afford it.



My mind,

experiencing this matter.

How must everything align

to grant me this adventure?

Universe holds back its loving hand

and I’m allowed to take this time,

which my circumstance allows,

brings me to my labors.


free as anyone

in this civilization.



one big rock,

flung by our solar system,

could have ended this

even before it started.


If you

are somehow

on the reading end of this;

then know,

that I was lucky

and you are even more so.


This is the test.

We are here,

free as anyone,

at any time

and we seem to miss

this apex;

rather hold onto the downslope


ride it out.

Let me tell you

that the only time

you will have it this good,

is now.


The Mesoamericans

sacrificed children to their gods

and people,

by the tens of thousands.

They were amateurs,

lost to the ages.

What do you think we’ve done

to get this far?


The Universe wants blood.



HG – 2019


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