Turning off,

tuning out.

So easy,

so easy.

To insulate,

to redoubt,

away from anything

that might expose

your weakness

and your wounding,


pain and supinations.


Here you’re

writhing in indolence,

and bathing in gratification.

Self mastery,



a river runs,

but you’re an ocean

of ambition,

strained and diluted.

Pure pollution.



Never really known,

your mind and body built

for agony,

for constant adversaries.

Your life lived in contrary,

contradiction to a norm,

that you eschew because you’re bored,

but far too scared to play at war

with all the other girls and boys.


It’s long past time you learned to swim,

out with the sharks,

out in the din.

The masquerade is wearing thin,

all your friends are strapping on their fins.

Now fight the waves,

and know the tide.

This life is never satisfied.

it will devour you.

You will die.

There’s no avoiding it,

no fucking compromise.


Just a matter of disconnecting,

just as easy as going outside.

Simple as shutting off your mind

long enough to hear what’s inside,

tune in to your own device.

Your skin and bones are wireless,

open your eyes

and prepare to be optimized

through experience.



HG – 2019


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